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I Found Myself In Candy Kitchen Ranch

on Aug 23, 2018

Talented Industrial Designer Eric Estenzo discovers the natural beauty of Candy Kitchen Ranch, near Ramah New Mexico, as a peaceful escape from the rigors of urban life. It is a place for artistic creativity to blossom and home to many other aspiring artists.

Life in Candy Kitchen Ranch

on Jul 29, 2018

You can connect with the Natural Harmony by Living on the Land in Candy Kitchen Ranch, near Ramah, New Mexico

Art &Life in Candy Kitchen Ranch

on Sep 21, 2018

Skilled wood artisans have escaped the hustle & bustle of Phoenix to find their new home & art studio. It's in the beautiful Zuni Mountains near Ramah, New Mexico at peaceful Candy Kitchen Ranch.

Amazing Features

Explore the fantastic amenenties offered in this unique space.

Building Details

  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath
  • 1948 sq. ft. on 17.6 or 33 Acres
  • Wood Heat + Propane


  • Satellite Internet Dish
  • Cell Service w/4G Data
  • Century-Tel Land Line


  • Open Main Living Area
  • Upper Level Studio
  • Most Incredible Views in Area
Image of Property

Off-Grid Living

  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  • 1500 Gallon Water Tank
  • Composting Toilet

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows
  • Insulated 2 x 6 Construction
  • Passive Solar

Quality Workmanship

  • Custom Hickory Cabinets
  • Ceramic Tile Countertops
  • Insulated Storage Shed

Ranch Location

Find yourseld in the pristine Zuni Mountains near Ramah, New Mexico.

Available Land

Secluded Cabin & Homesites.

5 Acres Secluded; 100-Mile Views+Red Rocks & Tall Ponderosas. Owner Financing!

You could travel the world and find little to compare to the peace and tranquility of this real estate. With unsurpassed vistas and end-of-the road privacy, this can be your perfect getaway retreat.

15.6 Acre Homesite, Tall Pines; Zuni Mountain Views. Owner Financing!

Hawks soar high over these 15.6 acres of real estate with rolling meadows dotted by towering ponderosa pines. A perfect site for all the clean air you want and vistas that seem to go on forever.

8 Acres Woods & Meadows; Horses Welcome, Owner Financing!

Partially wooded real estate near Ramah, New Mexico with tall ponderosa pines and rare alligator junipers. Find your perfect homesite nestled in the woods and opening to expansive views of the beautiful Zuni Mountains.

Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

How did Candy Kitchen Ranch get its name?

During our ten years living here, the legend we have heard repeatedly is: that during the Prohibition Era people would drive or go “horse and buggy” to a remote household that sold candy out of the front of their home and bootleg liquor out of the back.

Where is Candy Kitchen Ranch?

Resting in the Zuni Mountains near Ramah, Candy Kitchen Ranch is about 7,500 foot elevation, 1 hour SW from Grants; 1 hour SE from Gallup. It is 2 hours SW from Albuquerque and 6 hours NE from Phoenix. Candy Kitchen Ranch has the largest pinion pine forest on the North American continent, providing welcome relief from high summer temperatures in desert communities such as Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Tucson.

Is Candy Kitchen on the Navajo Reservation?

No, Candy Kitchen Ranch is private land. Viewing a land-use map, one would see a “checkerboard” pattern with the 18 sections of real estate (each one-mile square) of Candy Kitchen Ranch, interspersed with random sections of: BLM land, state-owned land, national forest lands, reservations lands, and other privately-owned lands. Surrounding publicly-owned areas are generally available for public recreational use with possible regulations concerning hunting, camping, lumbering, and burning.

What activities are in the area?

Ramah Lake, stocked with trout and catfish. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, home for abused and abandoned wolves & wolf-dogs. El Morro National Monument, hiking trail to restored Anasazi village and museum. El Morro Old School Gallery: Tai Chi, Yoga, Poetry, Book Club, Plays, Music, Dance, etc. El Malpais National Monument, Junction Cave for outstanding spelunking. Cibola National Forest Trails: Zuni Mountain 100 mile Bike Route, near McGaffey, NM Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon & Summer Quartz Crusher MTB; Race, Grants, NM Continental Divide 3,000 MileTrail, Canada-Mexico, bike/hike, crossing Grants, NM Zuni-Acoma Historic Hiking Trail Chaco Culture National Historic Park, UNESCO World Heritage Center, archaeology.

Are There Covenants & Restrictions?

There are no Covenants & Restrictions on real estate presently.

What are the roads like?

Highway 53 and BIA 125 are paved highways providing access to Ramah, Gallup, Grants, and Albuquerque. Candy Kitchen Road (BIA 120) is a county-maintained gravel road, running east to west and transversing Candy Kitchen Ranch. Other roads which branch off from Candy Kitchen Road, are mostly graded dirt roads. Sometimes, These roads have been improved through the cooperation of neighboring residents. So, you will see the addition of gravel and culverts to provide easier year-round access. We have selected our real estate property listings to provide buyers with the better quality gravel roads.

Where can I shop for food?

Candy Kitchen Trading Post sells basic food staples and commodities. Pine Hill Market, 9 miles, has a much larger selection of grocery items, including fresh fruits, vegetable, meats, prepared foods including pizza, sandwiches, soups, etc. Also sells gasoline. El Morro Market in Ramah is a dedicated store to organic, natural, and local foods. La Motinita Coop has well-stocked natural & organic foods in Gallup, offering promotional pricing for members. Gallup and Grants have many large supermarkets: Safeway, Albertsons, Smiths, Walmart, etc. Seasonal farmer’s markets are weekly in Candy Kitchen Ranch, Ramah, and Grants.

What kinds of plants and animals are in Candy Kitchen Ranch?

In the high desert of New Mexico, Cactus & Agave are scattered around Pinion Pines, Junipers and Ponderosa Pines. Most Cacti & Agave show their bloom in the summer. There is an abundance of wild flowers that bloom in the spring, fall and summer. Many species of animals reside in Candy Kitchen Ranch: one of the largest elk herds in New Mexico, deer, coyote, wolves, cotton tail and jack rabbits, porcupine, bobcats, mountain lions, an occasional bear. Yes, Candy Kitchen is home to many species of lizards and snakes, including rattlesnakes. We’ve never had a negative encounter with a rattler. We respect “everyone’s” right to live here in Candy Kitchen Ranch, in harmony with the two-legged, the four-legged, the crawling, the winged and all the other animal creations.  

What are choices for phone and internet service?

Many areas of Candy Kitchen Ranch have wired telephone service at the property line. For those property owners, local phone service is offered by Century-Link for about $40/month. There is a Cell-One 3G tower in Pine Hill. Voice & data services are excellent in higher elevations and marginal or nonexistent in lower valley areas. We have found that roaming through this tower has been available by users of T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, but not Verizon. Satellite internet service is Offered by Hughes Direct-Way OR ViaSat. Monthly charges start at about $70/month. Free wi-fi is available at local establishments including the Candy Kitchen Trading Post. All our listed properties do provide wired service the property line and/or a good cellular signal from the Pine Hill tower.

Are solar electrical systems feasible?

New Mexico has the second highest number of average sun-hours per day: 6.7 hours! New technology and tax incentives are making photovoltaic electrical systems more affordable than grid systems. Please know that there are several local companies near Ramah, New Mexico that offer installation, including a licensed electrician in Candy Kitchen Ranch. You will enjoy no monthly electrical bills and the good feeling that you are supporting our fragile environment.

What are choices for heating and cooling the home?

Wood stove, pellet stove, electricity, propane, and coal are possibilities. Many families choose wood burning because there are many dead trees on their property that they cut and split. Also, cut, delivered and stacked logs are readily available from local sellers.  Ceiling fans moderate interior temperatures in both winter and summer. Summer temperature rarely go above 90, so with the cool breezes and tree cover, air conditioning is considered superfluous.

What are the seasonal weather patterns?

Average precipitation for Candy Kitchen Ranch totals about 15 to 16 inches per year. June, July and August: highs of 81-85 degrees to rare highs in the 90’s. nighttime 47-51. July brings in the rainy season, which continues through August and September. September, October, November: Beautiful fall weather: 70-degree days,40-degree nights; wildflowers everywhere! This weather continues until Thanksgiving. Then, lower temperatures with occasional light snow. December & January temperatures can dip down below freezing, but warm up to daytimes of 60! Possible snowstorm accumulations several inches over a 2-3 day period. Then, clear sunny skies and rapidly melting and vanishing snow! March, April and May 52-71daytime; nighttime 32-45.

What about Health Care?

About a fifteen minute drive from central Candy Kitchen Ranch is the Pine Hill Health Clinic. There is also an Emergency Room.  The clinic is open Monday through Friday during daytime hours. There is 24-hour ambulance service and they usually they have Emergency Medical Technicians aboard. About an hour away in Gallup, there is a hospital, a new medical facility to treat cancer, a Veteran’s Clinic, and a dialysis clinic. Additionally, there is a hospital in Grants (one hour) and a hospital in the Zuni Pubelo (40 minutes).  Two hours away in Albuquerque, one can find most any medical specialty plus a large Veteran’s Clinic which serves the entire state.

About Us

New Mexico Earth & Sky Realty has been serving the Ramah, New Mexico area for the past 12 years. Founded by Adam Roth, Realtor®, he serves now as Qualifying Broker.

Adam Roth is a man of many talents: teacher, administrator, general contractor, Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Realtor, and founder/CEO of Chicago Reprographics, Inc. After leaving the city in 1996, with a short stay in Phoenix, Adam discovered rural living in Candy Kitchen Ranch. He offers an enthusiastic welcome for you to share this natural lifestyle!